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Five principles for your success with

Last change: 15.10.2019

  • 1) Decency and helpfulness to customers are the basis of your success is here for everybody who is looking for professional help for their project. Customers choose who they turn to not only based on their professional expertise but on personal attitude, willingness, and patience just as well.

    When sending an offer, small courtesies such as a greeting or thank you decide whether the customer chooses you. We know from experience that arrogance, rudeness, or unwillingness significantly reduce the chances of winning a customer.

    Friendly, open, and polite communication will ensure that the customer will not hesitate to choose you and will do so repeatedly.

  • 2) Customers do not like being ignored; communication is therefore important

    None of us likes to ask a question and don't get an answer. Thus, in addition to polite behaviour, customers expect continuous communication and answers to their questions.

    Nothing will spoil a good impression faster than when the date of the agreed project is approaching, and you stop communicating with the customers, or you do not inform them when you cannot arrive at the agreed time.

    Everything can always be solved by timely and correct communication.

  • 3) Communication through protects you and your customers

    Customers often contact us to check the credibility of service providers who are trying to communicate with them outside the website and mobile application. Such an approach deprives customers of the benefits of clear communication and ease of choice, and leaves you without the opportunity to get positive reviews, which help you attract new customers.

    For this reason, we are blocking profiles that try to communicate outside of the mobile application and the website right after responding to the inquiry. Always communicate via Wilio, and do not send your phone number to the customer.

    This way, we can guarantee the protection of both sides and provide a quality service for providers and customers who prefer a fair and serious approach.

  • 4) Good impression and quality service will bring you more customers

    When choosing a service provider, customers make their decisions based on price and reviews from other customers. Positive reviews and polite communication are crucial every time a customer chooses from several similar offers. Getting a positive review is challenging. Professionally done work is not enough.

    Therefore, try to leave a good impression by preparing for the project - bring all the necessary tools, make sure your clothes are clean, and do not leave a mess, but clean up after yourself.

    These little things add up to build your reputation and give you a significant advantage over your competition.

  • 5) Reviews are essential, customers trust them

    The reviews you receive from customers make you trustworthy to anyone looking for the services you offer.

    Reviews they can see on your profile, give customers confidence that you're doing your job well. Polite behaviour, on-going communication, and quality work guarantee that you will get positive feedback.

    If you are smart and offer truly first-class work, positive reviews will help you earn the award of a proven and quality provider and, above all, more customers and more earnings.